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Nationals Hotline
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Entering the Event

As we expect a large number of people and cars to enter the 2020 Nationals, the Monaro Club of Victoria will utilise an on-line event registration system to capture entrant’s details.  Here is how the on-line registration system works;

The on-line entry system has a number of sections:

  1. Your contact details - if you previously joined our email update list, your contact details will be filled in automatically

  2. Your car details

  3. Entrant, buddy and child passes required

  4. Haunted Hills track pass - this can be added to your entry later if you are not sure about participating

  5. Acceptance of event Terms and Conditions of entry to the event

The Terms and Condition of Entry you will be asked to accept can be reviewed here.

Some data fields in the sections require text entry, eg name, contact number, etc while other fields have drop-down boxes, eg to select model series – HK, HT.... VZ, etc.

The “Your car details” section requires information to support the scrutineering and judging process so care should be taken to provide accurate information. You will be asked to attach a photo of your car – a front offset view is required.

The “Entry passes required” section allows you to select the number of buddy passes and child entry passes you need in addition to you as the “Entrant”  You can also choose your entrant shirt size here and advise of any special dietary requirements.

The “Haunted Hills driving event” sections allows you to choose to purchase a pass to take your car into the Haunted Hills track sessions.

Most of the fields are “required fields” where data needs to be entered or a choice made before your entry will be accepted. Once your info is entered, you will be able to hit the “Submit” button. You can then review / edit the info you have entered and then you need to pay on line with either Paypal or your credit card. Once your payment goes through, you will receive an entry confirmation email that will include all the details you entered.

If you wish to enter additional Monaros, please email us at and we will provide you with a link to an "Additional Monaro" registration page(s).

Prior to going to the on-line registration form, we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with the information required  and ideally collect the required information beforehand.  You can download this chart to help collect the info you need.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHART IS NOT AN ENTRY FORM

Registration for the 2020 Monaro Nationals closes on Monday 31st August 2020 at 5:00pm.  No entries will be accepted after this date.


Click here to go to the Registration Page

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